How to insert special symbols in Photoshop

How to Insert Special Text Characters Symbols in Photoshop CS6. You want to type a special text character symbols but you can’t find where to add symbol to your document. Unfortunately, Photoshop CS6 don’t have symbols menu like world. It also don’t have special symbols on the keyboard. Sometimes you may want to insert special character or symbols like : Copyright :©, Registered ® or Trademark™ or any Special Symbols ( ♠ ♬ ♪ ☭ ☁ ☼ ♥ ☊ « ☺ » ¤ ª ß ⅔ ⍵ ⍺ ① ☹ ♞ ♚ º and etc..) or currency symbols (¥, £, ¢, etc.). This tutorial has been tested in Window 7 and Window 8 with Photoshop CS 6, CS5, CS4

In Photoshop, you can use the Glyphs panel to insert punctuation, superscript and subscript characters, currency symbols, numbers, specialized characters, and glyphs from other languages into text.

Step 1 : Launch Photoshop CS6

Step 2 : Create a new document by going to File menu -> Select New

New dialog box in Photoshop CS6

Step 3: Use Type tool to add text ( How to make vertical text in Photoshop CS6 )

Step 4 : In windows, Go to Start -> Type “Character map” to open a Character Map default on Window

Open character map in Windows 7

Enter , you will see a Character Map box

Step 4 : Select a character then click select and next click Copy

In this tutorial, I will choose Copyright Symbol

select a character map

Step 5 :
Go to document in Photoshop CS6 and click paste or press Ctrl + V

You will have a special character symbol

copyright symbol in photoshop

When working with Photoshop, adding a copyright symbol is a common task. The Custom Shapes gallery in Photoshop CS6 includes a copyright symbol that generates a vector-based copyright symbol graphic that you can scale to any size. Use the Windows character map if you want to use a text-based copyright symbol whose font matches the text in your document.