Our Web Design Strategy

  • Visualize: The web design process begins by speaking with you about your specific requirements and goals. We will ask many questions up front so that we can clearly visualize the project and estimate the amount of time and work involved — after which we will provide you a flat rate quote based on the proposed project scope. Our rates are negotiable, and we will beat local competitors prices if you have a valid quote.
  • Design: After our initial discussions, we begin to template and design your web site on a live development domain, which we continuously tweak and adjust in real time as we communicate back and forth with you. You will be able to watch the progress from anywhere with internet access! Once the template, design work, and graphics are in place and approved, we then begin to create the pages and links for your site. This includes the menu system, pulling in content that you provide us, videos, audio, photo galleries, forms, and the like. Half of the total quote amount will be due once the template is approved.
  • Develop: On the back end, we begin to create solid templates, clean URL structures, and SEO-friendly and optimized page headers and titles for Google. We also begin cross-compatibility testing with other browsers and mobile devices. Your website will be set up with Google Analytics and Webmaster accounts for robust tracking and any additional work such as social media interfaces will be completed. If your project requires custom application development, RSS feeds, robust XML parsing, live forms, or more complex server-side coding — we start this work once the templates are solid. It generally takes anywhere between one day and two weeks to complete a web site, which is largely based on how quickly you can provide us web content. We are extremly efficient developers, and we code entirely by hand to insure a clean and maintainable code structure. No third party software is used to code our web sites. Our web sites are created using a combination of Cold Fusion, HTML5, CSS3, and JS/Ajax. We very rarely develop with Flash due to compatibility and SEO issues. We instead provide dynamic page effects using Ajax & Jquery as requested (such as image faders and rollover effects).
  • Approve: Once the final draft of the website is approved, it will be transferred to the permanent domain and submitted to search engines. We only charge $10/mo for hosting your new site. After final approval, the other half of the initial quote amount is due and you are finished!
  • Recommend: Once your website is completed, any additional clients referred to us will generate a 10% cash payout to you! You may also choose to let us place a link at the bottom of your new website, such as: “web design by geoHa”. Clients referred from this link will also generate you 10% of the total bill amount.