How to download and install iOS update on iPhone with use mobile data

People are so confused now about iOS update in iPhone. So many app and software are declared for easy iOS update for iPhone user. Here I will give you 1 method to how to download and install iOS update on iPhone with use mobile data. You don’t need to use any kind of other app or software. This method is very easy to use. You don’t need any third party app. And you can download and install without any wifi connection. You can download and update your iOS version with your mobile data.

How to download and install iOS update on iPhone using cellular data

Necessary tools.

  1. Macbook
  2. A lighting cable to connect to Macbook
  3. Enough mobile data.

Before you start doing this process you need to set some options on MacBook and iPhone.

1. On MacBook : disconnect your MacBook from any other wifi network. For do this thing you have to press and hold the option key and click on the wifi icon in top menu bar. You will see disconnect from wifi name. Click that option.

2. iPhone : swipe up and you can see mobile data option. Click on the mobile data and your mobile data is on. And most important thing is that which is you have enough mobile data.

Now what can we do for start this process.

1. We have to share mobile data via USB to Mac.

2. We have to connect to the same iPhone to the hotspot that the MacBook creates.

How to download software update and on iPhone with use mobile data.

1. Click on the settings on your iPhone and you have do completely switch off wifi, bluetooth, and personal hotspot. But please notice that don’t use the control center.

2. Connect your iPhone to the Mac with use apple lightning cable.

3. Click on settings on iPhone and then click on personal hotspot.

4. Click on the “Allow other to join”, and select USB only.

(If you Mac asking trust or don’t trust then click on the trust and open your iPhone with your password)

5. Now you have to click on the lest top up apple logo and click on the system preferences…

6. After you will see many settings but you have to only click on the  sharing and after click on the internet sharing.

7. Click the drop down menu for share your connection from: and then select iPhone USB option.

8. To computer using tick the box before wifi to select it.

9. Then you have to click on the left side internet sharing and then click inside the small check the pop-up menu values are set perfectly by default. In the password box input any password. This is the wifi password of your MacBook personal hotspot. After click ok then click start to confirm.

Now your Mac is using your iPhone mobile data and it’s sharing it as wifi.

Now let’s connect your iPhone with this your Mac hotspot and after install the iOS latest update.

10. Open the setting and after tap on the wifi.

11. Turn on the wifi switch and wait for the searching. When you see your Mac hotspot name then click on that network after enter your Mac hotspot password. After successfully connected you can see wifi logo on your iPhone.

12. Now you have to click on the settings after click on the general and then you have to click on the software update. After download and install your latest software update.

This method is very easy to do. here is the full process of how to download and install the IOS update on iPhone using cellular data.