How to take a screenshot in snapchat without sending notification

Snapchat is most popular and competitor application in this generation. With use this app people can send his Live Photos, videos, location etc. This application gives to users many functionality. Like different types of chat settings you can save your photos, videos as well you can save your whole story on snapchat. Snapchat is put daily update and effects like you can take snap with so many lenses and use different types of cartoon emoji. Snapchat collaborate with bit emoji which app gives you chance to make every people his own face. You can edit anytime anywhere your emoji face, color, and also you can change your emoji clothes.

Snapchat is gives you accuracies of message typing and if you take a screenshot of any friend user at that time user have notified by snapchat. This article is for that people which people want to take a snap screenshot and don’t notify that users which user send snap to this user. I will give you method for how to take screenshot without sending any notification.

How to take screenshot on snapchat without snap users knowing.

There are so many reasons which why you may not want to notify them. For example you have to crush on any person and you want take screenshot and also saved the conversation for any reasons of proof. There is so many ways to do this thing like take screenshot without knowing people. This method is only working for the iOS user.

Method 1: Turn on airplane mode on your iPhone

The easiest way to do this method simple launch snapchat after load the snap then enable airplane mode on your iPhone. Now you can open snapchat and open your snap and take screenshot. Here is how to take a screenshot in snapchat without sending notification.

First you have to launch snapchat application and after you have to wait a moment for the load snap stories. Now swipe up and you see a Notification Centre and you can see top of the left side airplane mode button. Now go back to the snapchat application and load the stores now you can take screenshot. At that time there is your wifi connection and your data is off because you turn on airplane mode. And now this time you take screenshot at that time snapchat is not able to send screenshot notification to users.

Method 2: Use screen recorder on iPhone

Now you can use in built screen recorder feature in iOS. With this feature you can record your screen movement also you can record snap story also. This feature is not actually taken screenshot but you can see in your recorder and also first you record the snap stories after you have to open you record video and you can able to take screenshot. To use this method you have to follow this steps.

1#: Open snapchat and you can see the main story page.

2#: Now swipe up from the bottom and you can see Notification Centre.

The screen recorder button will be here. If you can’t see screen recorder button then you have to click first settings. After click on control center option then click on customize controls then you can see many controls on your screen now you have to find screen recorder control and add to the include. After you can see screen recorder on your control menu.

Snapchat does not officially allow you to take screenshot without send notification to the user. If you want to do this thing then you have to use this method.