WordPress vs GoDaddy Website Builder: 9 Reasons For WP

Are you wondering, which is a better site builder out of the GoDaddy Website Builder vs WordPress? You might have considered GoDaddy because you’re new to the world of website creation.


GoDaddy is really a domain registrar. Usually, people don’t use it for hosting their website and building their website. In this comparison, you will see why WordPress is the top option and I will point you in the right direction to help you start WordPress today.

Ease of use comparison

If you like using website builders and you are familiar with them you will find that the GoDaddy website builder is extremely limited and basic compared to other builders. It offers you basic drag-and-drop features to help you easily create a website, but don’t expect any other features.

WordPress has more of a click approach which I admire. You don’t have to drag things all you have to do is install. Creating a website is basically a 5-minute process. All you do is sign up with your host provider and install WordPress.

Price comparison

If you are planning to start a professional website or business, then I would not recommend the first two plans for a couple of reasons. Your website will not get ranked in the search engines. Only the Business Pro Plan includes SEO. It is going to be hard for your website to be found. I know that you see the $1.99/mo price, but there is a reason why it costs that cheap. I would stay away from it.

The Personal plan is only for small personal sites. You cannot make any business sites with it. It’s a plan that you would use for your wedding or something to that nature. It’s not meant for anything else. You cannot have custom forms, the builder itself is very stripped down, you cannot make photo edits, add audio, you cannot link any payment forms such as PayPal, you can’t sync with Twitter/Facebook page, etc.

WordPress is free and it is self-hosted. That means to use it all you have to do is pay for hosting. The top hosting company is SiteGround which only costs $3.95 a month. The features that you are getting with SiteGround are undeniable.

Theme comparison

GoDaddy only allows you 50 personal themes to customize for their first plan. Their Business and Business Plus plans only allows you to choose from 300 business and personal themes.

Compared to WordPress they are small giants because WordPress gives your business or website the ability to choose from over 10K themes. It is a guarantee that you are going to find a theme that suits your business needs.

There are themes that give your site a Facebook-style look. There are themes that give your website a Tumblr style look. There are themes that give your website a complex e-commerce look. There are themes that will give your site better rankings in Google such as Genesis, which I highly recommend for your business.

There are themes for everything all around the web. The good thing is that it won’t be a hassle setting up. All you have to do is install it which takes seconds and you’re set.

Plugin features.

GoDaddy Website Builder

With GoDaddy, you will not be able to install any modules to extend your website’s capabilities. You have to understand that the GoDaddy website builder was not made for that. It was made to be a simple website builder, nothing special. Not being able to install plugins can affect your business greatly in the future.


Plugins available: 31K and in a few years there are going to be over 40,000. WordPress catches the eyes of newbies because it allows you to seamlessly install a plugin to help your site grow. You don’t have to be a programmer. All you have to do is install just like a regular smartphone app.

You are able to turn your site into whatever you want at any time that you want. There are business-related plugins, ecommerce related plugins, image related plugins, social media related plugins, speed-related plugins, writing-related plugins, video-related plugins, forum related plugins, SEO related plugins, support related plugins, form related plugins, and more.

Storage comparison

The GoDaddy website builder has storage limitations. The Personal plan only allows for 1 GB of disk space. The Business allows for 10 GB of disk space. With WordPress and SiteGround you will get 10GB and up for your website.

Business email comparison.

With GoDaddy you will get a business email from Office 365 for free for 1 year and then you will have to pay. With SiteGround you get a large number of professional company emails for free forever.

SEO comparison

The GoDaddy website builder was not made to help you rank well in the search engines. Only the Business plan allows you to use SEO Wizard. If you want the best chance to beat out your competitors then it would be wise for you to start WordPress.

WordPress has SEO features set in place to help you receive better rankings. Not only do you have built-in SEO, but you can also install SEO plugins to make your website, even more, search engine friendly. Lastly, you can purchase Genesis which will increase your SEO rankings.

Mobile responsiveness

GoDaddy makes it very clear. They will automatically convert your site to mobile. You don’t have to lift a finger. This guarantee is only for the Business plan. The personal plan will not optimize your website to display well on mobile. Mobile use is increasing and you need to have mobile responsive sites. WordPress accomplishes your mobile needs. All my WP sites display perfectly on mobile devices and other devices.

Support comparison

GoDaddy support has gotten better over the years and I love their live support and their phone support. With WordPress, you will get 24/7 phone, live chat, and ticket support through SiteGround. The only difference is that WordPress is the largest CMS in the world and that means you get more of everything and a bigger better community.

Start building your WP website right now. It is simple.

I strongly recommend that you choose SiteGround for its performance, speed which will help you rank better, and the 5 minutes setup time.

Start WP today and see how awesome it is for yourself. 

You have nothing to lose. It offers faster site creation, it costs less, better SEO, more designs, more plugin features, more support, more popular, and more.

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  • Choose a plan for you
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