Top 10 Free WordPress Countdown Plugins

There are many reasons why people want to have a countdown timer or clock for WordPress based site. There are lots of countdown timer WordPress plugin available on the web for free or premium. Some of the plugins come with a free countdown timer shortcode, widget, or PHP function that can be used in template files. Here are the free ten best WordPress countdown plugins you will need to try someday.

The Countdown

The countdown functionality can easily be added to your site. With counting down and up functionality, gives you full control of your counter. This plugin comes with a multi-instances sidebar widget, packed with a bunch of options. All styles and scripts are pulled in the header section. Every each counter have their own selector that enables you to create a specific style or script to the selector.

Countdown Clock

Display a flash countdown clock on your sidebar. Select from several clock designs, colors, sizes, pictures and animations. Select from a choice of countdown designs, colors, and sizes. There are many custom color can be used to style the countdown.

Uji Countdown

Uji Countdown allows you to display a countdown on your post or page. The easiest way to place your full customizable HTML5 Countdown Timer. No flash, only javascript, customize of colors for text and background. This plugin can be used using a shortcode or from the widget area.

WordPress Countdown Clock Plugin

This countdown clock plugin displays a flash countdown clock on your sidebar. Either choose from set events like Christmas, New Year or generate your own custom event. The plugin provides a choice of designs for size, texts, colors from your WordPress administrator panel.

T(-) Countdown

The T(-) Countdown WordPress plugin will display a styled, flash-free countdown timer in the sidebar using widget or placed in a post or page using a shortcode. Perfect for informing one’s website visitors of an upcoming event, such as a pending space voyage. T(-) Countdown is highly customizable using Jedi Mind-tricks and CSS.

Countdown Clock Timer

A countdown clock timer widget and shortcode from It works on PC and mobile devices. It adjusts to any size. Very easy to use just specify the date a title and a message for when the day is reached. Great for events like big games, birthdays, new years, etc.

WordPress Countdown Widget

This simple widget allows you to add countdown timers to your site so easily. It supports color customizations & multiple instances. You can put as many as you like and it will work! You can customize the appearance with CSS as you like. It is just drag-n-drop. No coding required!

Countdown Timer

This plugin allows you to set up a series of dates to count to or from in terms of years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and/or seconds. Countdown Timer allows you to set up one or more dates to count down to or away from. Events can be inserted into the sidebar using the widget, or within posts and pages using shortcodes. Currently supports 22 languages.

Countdown Timer Abt

Provides a shortcode/function to render a countdown timer of the form “Years until target: X, Months until target: Y, Days until target: Z…”. You can specify the date/time of the target, as well as output formats with placeholders (including HTML wrappers) all from within the admin options page. Display result using the shortcode; you can override global options from within the shortcode too. By default, result will be something like “Months 0/Days 0/Years 0; Hours 4:Minutes 59:Seconds 54”.

Live Countdown Timer

Widget that will enable you to show an amazingly styled live countdown timer for an event that comes in many sizes , styles, and colors. Everything works with jQuery, WordPress API and PHP. The flip boxes organize according to the width of the widget so they fit the best way. Comes in 2 main types a single box or full date format. The single box automatically updates the title type(days, hours, minutes, seconds) as it progresses.