Top Disposable Email Services

Top 10 Disposable Email Address Services

Disposable Emails are Temporary Emails that can be used to do Online Email Verification during Online Account Registration or Signup process.

The Internet is full of spam and there are some websites that ask for our Email to access their services. Once we give our Email address, after that they will keep on sending promotional emails and email newsletters, in turn, making our inbox full of spam emails. 10 Minute Mail or Disposable Emails is something that you should be using to get rid of this situation. I will explain more about Disposable Emails in the coming section.

Let’s say that you visit a website to download any of their content or to access some sort of file that you are in need for. If you want to access those files then in return you will have to provide your email address and only after that, they will give access to the particular file or download link. You might only want to use their service for one time and after getting their service you will receive a hell lot of emails from them making your email inbox a mess. This is where Disposable Emails comes in really handy

Next time onwards whenever you are in need to give an email address to do any sort of online verification or to download any file you can use the email given by any of these services mentioned below. It’s so simple to get access to a temporary email Address, all you want to do is just visit the website and after that select an email and domain of your choice. after that type in the copied email on the website and get the verification mail, yeah, it’s that simple and easy.

Best Disposable Email Service

Here are some best services that you can use right away to do any online verification and or to create an account to get rid of spam thus protecting your original email.

You can go through all the services mentioned below and find the best one that suits all your needs. After that, you can follow the step by step instruction to do the verification.


This is the service that I personally use the most. With simple and minimalistic UI and blazing fast email speed, this service is the best to receive Email from pretty much any website. You can edit your email and create custom ID like what I did. You can select the ID and then type whatever you want and it will automatically change the Email address. Apart from that, you can also select a domain of your choice. At the time of writing this email, they have more than 10+ unique domain that you can choose from.

  • Ability to edit ID
  • Change Domain
  • Fastest
  • Simple and user-friendly.

Temp Mail is another good service that you can use to receive verification emails and do online account verifications fastly. This website is also having simple and modern UI. You have different option to choose Domains and also to set email ID or login of your Choice. One thing that makes this website stand apart from all other services is that It got QR code function. With this, you can easily generate QR Code corresponding to the email you just created and that, too for free. You can access tempmail from the link given below and start using their services even without having the need to create an account.

  • Generate QR Code based on the Email you chose
  • Multiple Domains
  • Change Email ID to your choice.

Fakemailgenerator is one of the oldest services in this list. Years ago when I heard about Temporary Disposable Emails, the first website that I used is Fakemailgenerator and it worked just fine as it should. Their service is very good with multiple domain selection, Changeable ID and minimalistic UI for better user experience. Unlike any other website, all the domain they have are top level .com domain so that most of the third party websites won’t find it as a temp email. You can access their website with the button mentioned below and start using their services for free.

  • Multiple Domain (All .com TLD)
  • Change ID
  • Modern UI is pretty similar to Emailfake and almost all the UI elements look quite similar. I guess both the site are running on the same base script with different modifications. But there are some cool touches that make different from EmailFake. The first one is Sound notification. You can enable sound notification and whenever a new email pops in you will get a sound notification. Next is popup notification, similarly, you will also get a popup notification whenever a new email comes and also you have an option called “Second Level Domain”

  • Multiple Domain
  • Change ID
  • Sound Notification
  • Popup Notification
  • Second Level Domain
  • 20 Days Email uptime.

Tempmailaddress is the last service on this list. If you want to keep your original email safe by sending all the spam emails to temporary emails then this service best for you. You have all the cliche features that all email generators have and apart from that, it has nice little feature, too. You can set an expiry time for each and every email. You can set time anywhere from 10  minutes to 2 weeks.

  • Maximum uptime 2 weeks
  • Multi Domains
  • Change ID

How to use Temporary Email to do Verification

Step 1: First of all, visit the website of your choice from the list above.

Step 2: Once you are there on the page you will see a drop-down menu with a bunch of different domains that you can use to create disposable emails. Just select a domain of your choice

Step 3: If you want to edit the main email itself you can do that as well. Just edit the email and change the ID to whatever you feel is good to the website that you are going use this email on.

Step 4: Go back to website/service/app where you want to do online email verification and after that paste the copied email in the email field and confirm it

Step 5: Now wait for a few seconds and you will get an email on your temporary email. It will automatically show any incoming email on that page without even having the need to refresh the page. The email will contain a verification link and just tap on that to get your account up and moving.

Yes, that’s it. You have successfully used an online temporary email service to do email verification.

Final Words

Temporary Email services or Disposable Emails are really helpful to fight against spam. A lot of sites send promotional as well as spam emails to users, in turn, making their inbox complete garbage. If you want to get rid of this situation then Disposable Emails and Fake Emails IDs are what you are looking for. Next time onwards if you are in a situation where you can’t give your primary email address and at the same time you want to access their service or files you can make use of any websites mentioned above. It’s just a matter of copy-pasting the given Email into the other website and BOOM everything is done. Never again let your Email to be trash!