Blogger Vs WordPress: 13 Reasons To Choose WP

The debate between Blogger Vs WordPress has been going on for a long time. I would first like to note that this is a comparison between self-hosted and not, which is free. I’m going, to be honest here. I never recommend any blogger to get a free hosted domain. The only real advantages that Blogger has over WordPress is that it is free, which is the main reason some people choose it over WP. Blogger does have built-in options like Adwords and Adsense, but you can do the same things with a WordPress site.

People say well WordPress is hard, but that usually comes from people who are on the outside looking in. Is Blogger easier to set up than WordPress? Yes, but that doesn’t mean WP is hard.

When I started my first blog a few years ago I knew nothing about blogging, but I found out that it was super easy to start. You don’t have to be good at coding to start. You don’t have to be techy. You can start writing posts in less than 10 minutes. If there is indeed something that you don’t understand there are so many forums that can help you and if you need help contact me I’ll help you. Once you start I guarantee that you will be so glad that you chose WordPress. Most bloggers who start with Blogger soon realize the limitations and switch to a self-hosted site.


1. If you want a brandable website, then do not choose Blogger.

Blogger gives a bad first impression. Blogger destroys the whole presentation of your website. Have you ever clicked on a website in Google and as soon as the website popped up you saw the Blogger search bar on the top left or the ugly Blogspot url? Your first reaction is eww gross it’s a Blogger site getaway. Blogger sites just turn people off for some reason and there are many bloggers who feel this way. It gives people the impression of a knock off.


2. Nobody will take you serious.

Honestly, I’m not trying to make Blogspot owners feel bad, but this is the truth. When you use the Blogger platform it will be harder for you to get quality backlinks to your blog and you will have a less chance of your site being shared on Social Media. Usually, high school teens use Blogger, but then again many know the drawbacks and use WordPress.


3. If you want to make a living with blogging, then don’t choose Blogger. is for people who want to express themselves and share their stories. There is nothing wrong with that, but at the end of the day, it is not for professional bloggers who hope to one day make money with their blogs. Some people will say well I just blog for fun. My response is that you can blog for fun and still make a living. Blogger will decrease your chances of making money with your site significantly. There are many restrictions on how you can monetize your blog. At the end of the day, the fact that you are reading this article shows that you want more for your site.


4. Blogger vs WordPress SEO is no competition.

If you make a blog you want people to read it. WordPress sites are dominating the search engines. Plain and simple Blogger sites do not rank better than WordPress sites because the WordPress platform offers more options to help your blog’s SEO. Yeah, you can probably get social media traffic, but we all desire Google traffic and with Blogger and similar sites like it you will be missing out greatly.


5. Storage Space

With Blogger you only have 1 GB of free space. With WordPress, you will have no problems when it comes to space for your blog when you have your own hosting. Hosting your site is cheap. Hosting is basically snack money. Even a new blog can monetize their blog to pay for the SiteGround $3.95 a month hosting cost and still have change left over.


6. You always want complete control over your site.

If you have a website you want complete control over it. With Blogger you can never have full control. You have to say yea it’s half my website and the other half is for Google. Truth be told it’s not even half your site. It’s all for Google. Did you know that there are some people who have lost all their hard work on Blogger? Some people have sweated day in and day out working on their blogs just to wake up one day to find out that Google has shut down their blog. I don’t know about you guys, but I’d cry. I would never take that chance. I need full control at all times.


7. Blogger customization is subpar at best.

I know that you want to customize your site. Maybe you want to add a few cool plugins or maybe you want to switch some things around. With WordPress, there are thousands of free plugins and themes to choose from. If you don’t want the thousands of free stuff that WordPress has to offer than you can buy cheap premium themes and plugins. Blogger throws your website design and customization hopes right out of the window. The Blogger platform is extremely boring and it lacks originality. All Blogspot sites look the same.


8. Bad permalink structure.

Permalinks are factored into SEO and from what I understand Blogger permalink structures cannot be changed. That means that your posts URL will look like this It doesn’t look too good, does it? With self-hosted WordPress sites you can alter your permalink structure to remove the date and the HTML at the end. The benefits just keep on piling up.


9. Site Support

Blogger support is very limited, but with WordPress, you will find support everywhere for your site. Even your SiteGround hosting offers amazing support for your site.

They will offer you 24/7 phone support, live chat support, ticket support, blogs, forums, guides, videos, etc. To top it all off they even have meetups all around the world. When it comes to supporting WordPress completely annihilates Blogger as you can see.


10. Unwanted Blogger Ads is free of ads. Many Blogger users constantly complain about popup ads that are appearing on their site. Do you really want to deal with annoying popup ads?

You have to think about this. Not only will these ads be annoying for you they will also be annoying to all of your readers who come to your blog.


11. Blog commenting.

Comments are an important part of blogging. Your readers should be able to engage with you. With WordPress, your visitors will have a great commenting experience, but there are many reports of comments not showing up in Blogger. Not only that but with Blogger there is no comment moderation.


12. You will have more motivation to build a successful blog if you choose a self-hosted blogging platform.

With self-hosted blogs you will not want to quit. Most beginner bloggers can make great blogs, but they just stop blogging. Getting WordPress will give you more determination to continue blogging. You are already off to a good start because it shows that you are serious. It’s like when you are paying for college. In High school, you used to slightly slack off at times, but you are not going to slack off in college because you are paying for your tuition, you are more dedicated.


13. Moving your site in the future.

Moving from Blogger to different platforms in the future can be hard. There are many sites that have reported the loss of SEO and subscribers. When you blog not only should you be thinking about the present, but you should also be thinking about the future. Are you willing to take that risk?



Most people use WordPress to create their website. Over 2. 75 million sites depend on WordPress. The fact that more people are choosing WordPress more than any other platform in the world is really saying something. It is not even close when it comes to the best website platform.

According to w3techs 2016 report WordPress is used by 26.1% of all the websites. After WordPress, the closest platform is Joomla, which is used by 2.7%. Then, Drupal with 2.2%. Blogger is in 5th place after Magento with 1.2% of all websites being used by it.



Blogger is free, but you still have to understand that your site is not going to be appealing to the eye. You’re still going to have to pay for a domain name, design, etc. Blogger platform comes with a lot of downsides. If you want to use blogs for professional purposes and hope to expand and make money in the future you need WP. There is no other way around it.

Here’s some honest advice. Ask any successful blogger Darren Rowse, Neil Patel, Pat Flynn, etc. You have to invest to make money. Don’t be one of those people who say I’ll just switch over to WordPress later. Don’t procrastinate. Save yourself the trouble and the headache.

If you’re serious about blogging and hope to one day make a living out of it and work from the comfort of your own home, then choose a Self-hosted WordPress blog today to start your Google presence.


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Blogging quotes

  • Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and focus on what could go right.
  • You have heard about taking action and if you haven’t then I’m not sure where you’ve been and I’m also not sure I want to be where you’ve been hiding.
  • You can blog without WordPress but you can not really love blogging without WordPress.
  • “It should feel genuinely good to earn income from your blog – you should be driven by a healthy ambition to succeed. If your blog provides genuine value, you fully deserve to earn income from it.”
  • The possibilities of designing a site with WordPress are immense indeed.