Hey fellow readers,

I am an Electrical Engineering graduate. I have started this blog to help you people, especially with Ubuntu operating systems. I am a tech blogger and now, I have also decided to enter micro-niche blogging. I was interested a lot with Ubuntu so, I decided to start a blog that completely covers Ubuntu and its related topics.

You will find more interesting and helpful articles/posts about Ubuntu and software related it in the upcoming days. You can also request custom articles. If you need to read more about me, click here and here.

My blogging journey is long story. I started my first blog – Incisive Radar on September 23, 2013, where I write about web apps, computer software, blogging tips & tricks, how-to guides and much more.

At that time, I was not familiar with blogging and struggled a lot to succeed in that. There are many bitter experiences in my blogging journey. I applied for Google AdSense many times and I got rejected on the next day itself. In the beginning, I was very frustrated where I even had a thought of quitting blogging. But, I didn’t. I started Incisive Radar using Google’s Blogger platform with just 20 articles. Even though, I loathed the looks of that platform, I stayed with it for a while. At that time, I worked on the blog few days in a week.

Then I moved to the most popular, user-friendly and core customizable CMS (Content Management System) or blogging framework – WordPress. I invested little bit on themes and hosting. I started working on my articles a lot. I wrote long and useful articles. Now, my site appears in the first page of Google search results for many how-to guides and software related articles.