BlogWhat Are Your Absolute Minimums?

What Are Your Absolute Minimums?

For my purposes, I define absolute minimums as the least amount of work, activity or progress you feel you must accomplish each day. If you can can successfully complete these absolute minimums each day you’ll make not only make significant progress toward your goals over time, but you’ll increase your overall sense of satisfaction with life.

Remember, slow and steady wins the race. You can always do more than your minimums and sometimes you will, but even small amounts of consistent action add up. All too often we get caught in the mental trap of believing that if we can’t commit a substantial amount of time and energy then we might as well not bother to do anything at all. That’s just not true.

What do you hope to accomplish? Where in your life do you most want to see progress or improvement?

Everyone will have different answers and only you can define for yourself what they are. It’s helpful to look at your core focus areas and determine what your absolute minimums are. I’ll share a snapshot of my absolute minimums based on my current focus list to get you started thinking. These are the things I have determined that I must do with consistency; both to achieve progress towards my goals and also to feel satisfied with my life.

My Absolute Minimums

  • Exercise a minimum of 20 minutes daily
  • Write for one hour
  • Connect with at least one child each day (one on one time, phone call or email/text conversation)
  • Find 30 minutes of alone time (crucial to my sanity)
  • Complete a minimum of 6 productive work hours each day – 4  during the summer
  • At least 30 minutes of one-on-one conversation face time with my husband
  • Spend 15 minutes on Social media for career
  • Check in with my Facebook community of friends and family

Your list will be different and it should be. The amount or complexity is up to you, but remember to keep it reasonable or you won’t be able to maintain your momentum. You can always do more, but this will be your “enough.” Use it as a guideline for how to use your day and as a structure for cementing healthy and productive habits.

What is on your absolute minimum list?

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