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Do You Have a Supply Strategy For Your Office or Home?

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Here’s a hint: You should. Do you know when to order and when to wait? How you can make the most of your limited dollars without sacrificing in other areas? Have you identified your usage cycle? Let’s look at some examples of supply strategies that I have seen: The “just in time” model: The rationale […]

Are You Sabotaging Yourself: Top 5 Strategies to Set Yourself Up for Success

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You may be sabotaging yourself and not even realize it. I mean really who wants to interfere with their own success and cause more unnecessary stress? Apparently most of us do. Do you say yes to projects or activities that you don’t have time for? Do you plan more in your day than is humanly […]

How Do You Spend Your Most Valuable Currency : Time?

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Are you neglecting the things that matter? Do you think you are somehow different than the rest of us? That you have more hours in the day or can get more done miraculously if you just get organized enough? Let me tell you right now, FORGET IT! There is only so much any one person […]

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