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2 Step Process to Generate Ideas, Cultivate Creativity, and Achieve Your Goals

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The key to a successful life is to keep moving forward. When you face a challenge, but are unsure what step to take next, or seem to be standing still, unable to achieve your goals, pause and give your mind the time and space to generate solutions. The best way to accomplish this is to […]

10 Things You Could Do With an Extra Hour per Day

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Have you ever stopped to think about how you could spend an extra hour a day if you had one? I surely have, quite often actually…and here are some of my suggestions. Write the novel you’ve always wanted to write At the normal average of writing 500 words per hour, you could finish and proof […]

How to Stay Positive in the Office

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Every weekday morning you get up, you drive to your job, you sit at your desk or in your cubicle, and then you go home and do it all over again. The process can become monotonous, boring, and a real drag. Since you likely spend nearly a third of your life at work, you want […]

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