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How Do You Score In The Game Of Life?

If you think of life in terms of a game, then perhaps you should give yourself a score of some sort. How else will you know how you’re doing?

And really why shouldn’t you? Despite the fact that it is often serious and at times difficult, life really does play out much like a game. We compete against each other and sometimes work in teams. We try to accumulate possessions and titles as if they were points on the scoreboard. We advance by a combination of choices, strategy and sheer luck.

So why shouldn’t we get a score?

Only in this case you are the only one who can decide how many points you are awarded…

(This post was originally published a year ago…if you did the test back then, how does this year compare?) 

Let’s have some fun and find out how we are doing at the game of life.

Give yourself from 1 – 20 points in each of the 5 areas based on how well you think you are doing.

Health – How is your health? Consider your weight, diet, fitness and energy as well as any health problems you may have.

Relationships – How are your relationships? How deep and fulfilling is your relationship with your significant other, your children, your parents or your siblings. How about your friends?

Career – How satisfied are you with your career or business life? Are you content? Are you contributing meaningful work? Are you doing something you enjoy? Are you being valued appropriately?

Happiness – How happy are you? Really? Do you feel good about your life? Do you have a hopeful, positive attitude? Do you feel a sense of balance or are you feeling unstable or overwhelmed?

Money – This is not about how much money you have, but with your perception of it. Do you have enough money? Are you responsible in your managing of your money? Do you feel secure about money? Or are you always worried?

Now add up your score in each area to get your “Life Score.”

Your score is yours alone. You do not have to share. It’s not about comparing or competing with anyone other than yourself. You decide what it means and what, if anything, you’d like to do about it.

My scoring guidelines:

75-100 – You are either lying to yourself…or you really know what you want out of life and are making good decisions and taking consistent action to keep moving in a positive direction.

50-74 – You are probably making good choices much of the time and may have some idea of what you want out of life, but there is room for improvement. You may have a nagging health issue or be worried about money or unhappy in your career. Or you may just be juggling everything pretty well, but feel that you can do better.

25-49 – You probably aren’t really clear on what you want or what you should be doing.  You know that your choices could be better, but you just can’t seem to take consistent action toward your goals. Or you are so focused on one aspect of your life that the others are completely suffering. You could use some help.

0-24 – You desperately need help! You are totally missing out on the fullness of what life has to offer you. But you can make changes. It’s not hopeless; not at all.

How did you do? Are you happy with your life score?

If you are…. Congratulations! Good job!

If you’re not… You can do better. Change is possible and it’s doesn’t even have to be that hard. You might benefit from coaching, from self-discovery, life planning or clear goal setting. The good news is that much of your life is within your control. Yes, there is an element of luck and circumstances, but to a large extent you have the power.

Your power lies in your choices, your actions and your attitude.

How you use that power determines the outcome and experience of your life.

Care to share? How satisfied are you with your life score? What will you do about it?

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