Blog12 Conversation Killers You Might Want to Avoid

12 Conversation Killers You Might Want to Avoid

Have you ever been in a conversation where someone says something that completely shuts you down? Any productive conversation is essentially over even though words are still coming out. We’ve all done it, whether we own up to it or not. Guilty as charged.

To my great shame, some of the worst conversation killers have fallen from my own lips…usually in a conversation with a certain adult who shall not be named.

Sigh. We are human after all.

In the interests of better conversations everywhere, in all environments – work, home or social – you might want to consider avoiding some of these lethal phrases. Unless you really don’t want to talk to the person anyway…then by all means, spew away…

“You never…”

“You always…”

“Yes, but…”

“I already told you…”

“No offense, but …”

“Are you serious?”

“You don’t understand.”

“That’ll never work.”

“What’s the problem?”

“I can do you one better…”

“I know.”

And the personal favorite of that aforementioned certain adult“Studies/statistics show that…” I don’t quite get this one…probably because I’m the one saying it…but when I start spouting statistics to back up my position, the blank face appears. What can I say, I’m a numbers, and facts person, the certain adult is highly skeptical of studies.

I need to note, that in certain situations if uttered with just the right tone, a few of these phrases can be useful. The moral of the story is: Be mindful of the language you use, or you might not be heard at all.

Anything you would add?

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